Canwest Propane HSE Program

Health, Safety & Environment

Safety First

At Canwest Propane, protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers is not something we take lightly. We pride ourselves on our award winning HS&E program that gives our people the training and programs they need to ensure everyone stays safe. This program features:

  • A Dedicated HS&E Department – Rather than just paying lip service to safety, Canwest employs an HS&E department dedicated to maintaining operations that meet or exceed all regulatory and industry standards.
  • Employee Training Programs – Our comprehensive employee training programs ensure that each of our employees is highly trained in all aspects of our safety procedures. These programs go hand-in-hand with a company-wide culture that makes safety a priority.
  • Customer Training Programs – Canwest offers courses from the Propane Training Institute to ensure your employees are safe when working with propane. These courses are focused on the propane industry and recognized by the government to meet your compliance requirements. Call the branch nearest you for more information.
  • Equipment Maintenance Programs – Our truck fleet and propane equipment undergo extensive inspection, testing and repair as part of our stringent equipment maintenance programs.
  • Environmental Compliance – Our efforts extend to an environmental compliance program aimed at keeping our environment healthy for future generations of Canadians.

 Canwest works with many organizations to ensure our contractors offer the best in safety and reliability.