A New Generation of Generators

Canwest Propane offers propane fueled generators to meet any kind of temporary power requirement. Our full range of brand name, top quality generators offer fuel savings of 30-40% over generators running conventional fuels. Choose Canwest for your generator needs and you'll get:

  • Selection – Generator sizes include 20KW, 25KW, 35KW, 40KW and 60KW with single phase and 3-phase power available. Canwest also offers temporary power centres and GFCI protectors to safely centralize and distribute temporary power. These are available in NEMA3 Rainproof and NEMA1 enclosures.
  • Modern Equipment – Canwest’s modern fleet of generators are CSA approved and each unit has its own propane powered block heater for easy winter startup. With weatherproof, sound attenuated enclosures, Canwest generators won’t give you a headache.
  • Green Power – Our new breed of generators are more fuel efficient and produce less harmful emissions than ever before with minimal carbon and greenhouse gas footprints.
  • Expert Service - Your local Canwest rep can work with you to select the perfect generator for your needs. Our equipment is backed by professional 24/7 service to ensure that you always have access to the equipment you need.
  • Rental & Sales - If your need is only temporary, Canwest offers a large portfolio of generators for rent. We also offer a large selection of new generators for sale through each of our branch locations.


Call your nearest branch to discuss your needs with a local propane expert.


Click here for more information about Canwest generators and temporary power centres.