About Canwest Propane


Putting Our Energy into Your Home

Wherever you are in Western Canada, you’ll find Canadians using propane to get things done. To heat, cool and light homes. To refrigerate, cook and barbecue food. To get around in vehicles and hit the road in RVs. Propane is a clean, cost effective, alternative energy source that more and more Canadians are turning to.

Wherever you are in Western Canada, you’ll also find Canwest Propane. For over 25 years we’ve delivered reliable propane supply and service to our customers, becoming one of Canada’s most trusted propane retailers. We not only offer a comprehensive range of propane solutions for your home, RV and vehicle, but we deliver them with the kind of local service you might not expect these days.

  • Reliable Propane Supply & Delivery - With locations throughout Western Canada and a modern delivery fleet, the propane you need is always available. Call us to book your delivery, or let us customize an automatic delivery schedule that perfectly meets your needs.
  • Propane Tanks & Cylinders - Your nearest Canwest location offers a full selection of propane cylinders for every kind of application, including re-certification programs.
  • Propane Appliances & Accessories - From furnaces, hot water heaters and fireplaces, to fridges, stoves and BBQs, your local Canwest branch offers a range of propane fueled appliances.
  • Local Service - Your local branch is staffed 24/7 by propane experts and licensed gas fitters offering professional advice and installation. These are folks who live and work in your community - not far-off call centre agents.
  • Flexible Pricing & Payment - Flexible pricing programs and various payment options give you control of your propane bill. 

Drop by your nearest Canwest branch or give us a call to speak with a local representative who can get you the right propane solution for the job.