Canwest Propane Forklift Service


Keeping your Business Moving

Whether your business relies on one forklift or a large fleet of them, Canwest Propane can keep them on the move. Our industry leading forklift service can power your lift trucks with efficient, clean burning propane, and a worry-free service solution. Canwest’s forklift propane service features:

  • Reliable Delivery - No-hassle propane delivery with customized delivery schedules based on your needs.
  • Safe Delivery - Safe delivery and installation thanks to Canwest’s qualified personnel and comprehensive HS&E program.
  • Rental or Purchase - Canwest Propane has all the gear needed to keep you moving.
  • Local Service - 24/7 service through our network of branch locations and professional local expertise.
  • Do-It-Yourself Options - Installation of on-site dispensers and comprehensive training.


To speak with a local representative about your forklift propane needs contact your nearest branch.