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Canwest Propane supplies a range of propane supply, services and equipment to the oil and gas industry. Our offering is built on an understanding of our oil and gas clients’ needs, giving you complete propane solutions that let you run your operations smoothly and effectively.
  • Propane Supply & Service - We offer reliable, timely propane supply service – no matter where your operations take you. A network of locations and storage facilities throughout the West, a diverse delivery fleet, licensed service personnel and professional gas fitters ensure you get the energy you need when you need it. For wholesale propane supply, our sister company, Gibson Gas Liquids, offers marketing, transportation and risk management services to Canwest customers. With these capabilities, we can provide propane for:
    • Generators
    • Pump Jack Engines
    • Tank Burners
    • Drilling Rigs & Camps
    • Facility Heat & Instrumentation
    • Well Testing
    • Gas Injection
  • Specialized Equipment Rental - More than just propane supply, Canwest offers a range of rental equipment to meet the oil and gas industry’s needs, including:
    • Tanks
    • Vaporizers
    • Generators
    • TC51
    • Well Testing Gear


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